One of the Most Faithful Deeds Recorded In The Bible…

praying (11-12-13)

The prayer to Jesus from the weak-faithed apostles–“Lord, increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5)–
is perhaps one of the most beautiful sounds to God’s ears:

-It expressed repentant humility (we need HELP!);
-It went straight to God (thus showing belief in His existence–we need YOUR help!);
-It made a specific request (we need Your help in THIS particular way!);
-It revealed a desire that matched God’s (He also wanted the apostles to grow in their faith in Him!);
-It expected to get answered (why else would they have uttered it in the first place?).

This is exactly what Hebrews 11:6 talks about as the ONLY way to please God–having faith in Him in such a way that we COME TO HIM, that we believe that He exists, and that we believe that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. To God, a humbly repentant weak faith is more desirable than a well-developed and muscular doubt.

And look at how Jesus answered that prayer!? By the end of the book of Acts these weak-faithed apostles were joyfully suffering for Jesus, were boldly sharing His love and Truth and grace with peasants and kings, were generously selling everything they had to support those in need. Wow.

Who would’ve thought that a prayer for more faith–from weak-faithed people–might have been one of the most faithful actions ever recorded in the Bible…

…let’s go to Jesus today…RIGHT NOW…humbly to admit to Him the weakness of our faith and boldly to specifically ask Him to increase it. That’s a raise our heavenly Father is MOST HAPPY to give us!