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1 Thessalonians: Real Fellowship/Community 3

What Do We Do To Partner With the LORD As He Grows Fellowship Here? Last post we looked at the first step: the necessity of being Christians: agreeing with God’s diagnosis of our… Continue reading

1 Thessalonians: Real Fellowship/Community 2

Science class has book-work and lab-work. Both are important. Study the book together—read, discuss, understand— and then put it into practice in the lab researching, experimenting, testing, etc. Partnering with God & each… Continue reading

1 Thessalonians: Real Fellowship/Community 1

Next two posts: examples of real fellowship/community in 1 Thessalonians. What does real Biblical community/fellowship look like? What do we do to partner with our Fatheras He grows it here in this local… Continue reading

Our Inheritance In Christ Part 2…

We will continue in this post where we left off in the last post: What are some of the details of our inheritance in Christ Jesus? Like a pilot flying low over the… Continue reading

Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 29…

Rejoice in Christ and resist every temptation to doubt His love as you would resist a temptation to adultery or murder. John Newton . Love is not a vat that you fall into… Continue reading

Our Inheritance In Christ Part 1…

Luke 10 has three beautiful sections, all are important/foundational: Spreading the Gospel together to the world with words & actions; Showing mercy to/sacrificially caring for individuals; Sitting at the feet of the Lord… Continue reading

God’s Anger (Remember The Manger!)

Last post we discussed unrighteous human anger & some ways to Biblically deal with it. Yet there also is a holy, righteous anger. We should feel a type of anger over sin, suffering,… Continue reading

The “Yets” of God Part 2

(For part 1, please click HERE) If 2018 was especially difficult for you, & if from an earthly perspective 2019 doesn’t look much better,let’s dig into the Bible for the word “yet.”(I know… Continue reading

Thoughts On Forgiveness…

As we finish up our study of selected passages in Genesis,   let’s dig into Genesis 45:1-15: HERE. To understand the awesomeness of the forgiveness that the LORD grew in Joseph, we have to remember… Continue reading

The Weight Of Waiting…

How much of our short time on earth is spent waiting? Lots. 6 months waiting in line; 2 months waiting on hold on the phone; 6 months in traffic. But we also wait for… Continue reading