Monthly Archive: September, 2016

Biblical Foundations 37: The Glory of God 5

I have often thought of the Gospel in three, the message of salvation as a triplet: People need to know: How great God is (His glory); How much we need Him (our sinfulness);… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 36: The Glory of God 4

    Loved ones, I know that posts like the last one are not easy for many, and are downright painful for some. Please know that I realize that first hand—you read it… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 35: The Glory of God 3

My friends, we continue this week looking at the glory of God, the importance of doing everything to spread and highlight the splendor of God, that even when we serve non-Christians our primary… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 34: The Glory of God 2

We are in week 35 of digging into the Bible to understand the foundation of this local church—why does God have us attending here? What is He doing in us and through us,… Continue reading