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What If My House, Neighborhood, Work, Grocery Store…

. …were like rooms of a local church? . What if my house were a church sanctuary/auditorium where I worshiped God throughout each day and invited Him into all of daily activities? .… Continue reading

What Does A Pastor DO All Week?

. This is easily one of the most difficult questions for me to answer…even more than “Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?” or “How could Noah forget the UNICORNS!?” 🙂 . Nevertheless,… Continue reading

Can Secular Work Be Spiritual?

Great recent question from a friend of mine who is feeling as if his corporate job in the marketplace/secular world is somehow a step-down from the work of a pastor or missionary. Here… Continue reading

Balance Shmalance.

So many people today–myself included!–proclaim the importance of finding balance in all areas of life, from work/rest to diet to finances to marriage to parenting to exercise etc. etc. Many Christians–myself included!–have unwittingly… Continue reading

Some Lessons I’ve Learned Being A Pastor…

  These are neither exhaustive, definitive, nor “everything you need to know” about being a pastor. They are simply, upon prayerful reflection, some of the lessons God has taught me about being a… Continue reading

What Is Success and Some Habits That Lead To It?

A friend of mine who is in high school recently asked me to share with her my definitions of success and also some of the personal habits that I think will lead to… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Oh Needest I, Dear LORD, Thy Spirit Now”

Oh needest I, dear LORD, Thy Spirit now For though I sweat I fear high-noon hath passed And though at such an hour I man Thy plow O’erhead Thy rainbowed hues man’s dye… Continue reading

A Weekend In the Life of A Man, Husband, Papa, Son, Pastor, and Friend…

A Weekend in the Life Of A Man, Husband, Papa, Son, Pastor, & Friend Just thought you all would get some encouragement from this. Our suburban, oftentimes mundane daily life is important to… Continue reading

So What Does A Youth Pastor DO Anyways?…

  This is arguably the most difficult question I get asked:   “So what exactly do you do during the week?”   I’m usually stumped when I hear that (and the person usually… Continue reading