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Biblical Foundations 31: Elevating Others 6

This is our 6th post digging in the Bible about elevating others—serving non-Christians—and the last five posts we have focused on the importance of telling them about the Lord Jesus with our words, that… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 29: Elevating Others 4

Loved ones—we are in week 31 of learning from the Bible what God’s purpose is for this local church and really for all Christians—what does it mean to elevate God, elevate community (e.g.… Continue reading

Judging Others (Part II)…

For part I of Judging Others, please click HERE… . What The American Culture Often Means By Saying “Do Not Judge Me!” The Bible says that there is spiritual war going on. We… Continue reading

Practical Ways To Introduce Others To Jesus…

So What Does This Look Like For Me? Jesus’ Great Commission (please click HERE) is not just “telling people about Jesus” (though it is that); it’s not just trying to convince people to… Continue reading

Tips On Sharing Jesus With Others…

(Please click on the Scripture book/chapter/verses below to read the actual text of the Bible passage) 1. Share With Gentleness and Respect (2 Timothy 2:24-26, 1 Peter 3:15-17); 2. You Don’t Have To… Continue reading