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Deliberate Days Between The Fall and Spring…

Greetings My Friends~ . Just want to share with you a poem I wrote about the powerfully nostalgic memories I have of lazy summer days during my childhood—I pray it is a blessing… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Beneath, Amongst, Within Decaying Breaths”

Beneath, amongst, within decaying breaths Of numbered lanterns dimming as they burn And though they shineth not they fuel their deaths Exposing all to what they failed to learn And ‘neath such bushel… Continue reading

Sonnet: “We Humbly Thank Thee LORD For Breath Sustained”

We humbly thank Thee LORD for breath sustained Though looming clouds be gray and thunder bring While prostrate to the earth Thy Scion reigned Atop our throats and hearts His praise we sing… Continue reading

Sonnet: “If Oft Thee Place Thy Efforts On The Block”

If oft thee place thy efforts on the block And stretch thy limbs so as to offer more Thy strain’ed sweat shall sweeten soured stock Though gained investitures now drip and pour If… Continue reading

Sonnet: “The Brightest Glowing Apples Easily Bruise”

  The brightest glowing apples eas’ly bruise So too shall nectars sweetest swiftly sour As well those champi’ns crowned in layers lose And Heaven’s roses wither by the hour If left exposed to… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Who Is The One Towards Whom Desire Flows?”

Who is the One towards Whom desire flows? For much I’ve drunk and still my thirst exists; The more I eat the more my hunger grows, Though who I am of what I… Continue reading

Though Sorrows Well And Flood Like Lunar Tides…

Though sorrows well and flood like lunar tides And evil settles in a sieging war; My LORD, my strength, shall shield me on all sides- Encamped around, behind me, and before   Though… Continue reading

Sonnet: With Knuckles White And Lig’ments Strain’ed Taut…

With knuckles white and lig’ments strain’ed taut And bulging disks thus weighted with a load A battered face deep-scarred from battles fought While trav’lling uphill both ways through this road   With hope… Continue reading

Sonnet: When Level With The Sea The Peaks Attract…

When level with the sea the peaks attract, And snow-capped majesty doth bat its eyes; The wild elegance affirms as fact, That living best is dwelling in the skies.   When focus then… Continue reading

Within This Blackness Needest I A Flame…

Within this blackness needest I a flame To warm my frozen faith which numbeth be The fi’re be used to see from whence I came And point me for’ard to boldly follow He… Continue reading