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Biblical Foundations 37: The Glory of God 5

I have often thought of the Gospel in three, the message of salvation as a triplet: People need to know: How great God is (His glory); How much we need Him (our sinfulness);… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 36: The Glory of God 4

    Loved ones, I know that posts like the last one are not easy for many, and are downright painful for some. Please know that I realize that first hand—you read it… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 35: The Glory of God 3

My friends, we continue this week looking at the glory of God, the importance of doing everything to spread and highlight the splendor of God, that even when we serve non-Christians our primary… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 11: Preparing For Easter 1 (Sin 1)

Holy Spirit—please give us grace to teach what is encouraging from the Bible & give us guts to teach what may be excruciating from the Bible. As we get closer to Good Friday… Continue reading

Entering the Kingdom Of Heaven…

Matthew 7:21-23 (please click HERE): Our main passage in this post; part of Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount,” Matthew chapters 5—7. Read those three chapters—POWERFUL! Jesus paints a picture of what He wants… Continue reading