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Deliberate Days Between The Fall and Spring…

Greetings My Friends~ . Just want to share with you a poem I wrote about the powerfully nostalgic memories I have of lazy summer days during my childhood—I pray it is a blessing… Continue reading

Seeing Your Parents From Their Perspective…

Changing Our Point of View: Looking at Parenting (and Family) From Our Parents’ Perspective In this article we are going to be talking about parents. That is, we are hopefully going to see ourselves,… Continue reading

Thoughts On Worship…

  (Main Point Titles Taken From Wayne Stewart’s Lesson On Worship; Everything Else Written by SoulSpartan) Opening Video: He > You…Worship (please click HERE)   Main Points   1. It’s All About Our Hearts… Continue reading

I’m Tired…Of Punking Out On Jesus

Here is a powerful quote from C.T. Studd, a Jesus-lover who followed His lead to love people in China, England, and the Congo from 1884-1931 (from the book “C.T. Studd: Cricketer and Pioneer”… Continue reading

Don’t Try To Pray More…

  Prayer is one of the most elementary aspects of a life with God as well as one of the most personal ways that we communicate with Him. In terms of having a… Continue reading

Are You Eagerly Awaiting The Return Of Jesus?

In Matthew 2:3, the NIV and NASB translations of the Bible state that both King Herod and all Jerusalem were troubled at the news that the Messiah had just been born in the… Continue reading

Do Sins Build Up Over Time?

7th Grade Girl Wrote: “Before you’re forgiven, all your sins kinda build up, right? So after you’re forgiven, do they begin to build again or do they get automatically forgiven? Like when you… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Within This Land Of Independent Thought”…

  Within this land of independent thought A field where freedom reigns on liberty Where self-discovery, like grails, be sought Our selves, like nothing else, we long to see   Within this day… Continue reading

How Can We Know If God Exists?

Opening Song: “I’ve Always Loved You” (by Third Day)(Please click HERE) Introduction I am so excited to be here with you all! What a treat to hang out with you, get to know… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Of Reasoned Disbelief What Can Be Said?”…

  Of reasoned disbelief what can be said? Or placing faith in space’s cyclic slide Our love of scienced tools hath raised the dead In reason, though, our faithful hearts hath died And… Continue reading