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Biblical Foundations 6: Resting In Christ 1 (Psalm 46:10)

We are continuing our series on Foundational Bible Passages of this local church:   Why does God have each of us attending HERE? What is He doing in and through us, both inside… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 5: Being With God (Mark 6:31)

We have been looking at different Bible passages over the last four posts to understand the Biblical foundation of this local church— Why does God have each of us attending HERE? What is… Continue reading

Waiting On God Isn’t Passive, Lazy Or Unproductive…

Carpe Diem–Seize the Day I don’t think many Americans realize how much our short-term and long-term lives are influenced by the phrase ‘carpe diem’ (“seize the day”). We are taught from a young… Continue reading

At The End of Your Parenting Rope…?

I was blessed recently to have a healthy discussion with some parents of 3rd-7th graders who are at the end of their parenting-ropes. One of their children in particular is making life miserable… Continue reading

Personal Retreat of Solitude With Jesus…

Cedarly Delafield, Wisconsin October 21-25, 2007   Desiring Jesus. For at least eighteen months now I have been desiring Jesus: desiring to know Him, to be with Him, to meet with Him, to… Continue reading