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Biblical Foundations 33: The Glory of God 1

We have invested the last seven posts to digging into the Bible to understand more of what it means to elevate others; that is, what is the Biblical responsibility of Christians toward non-Christians?… Continue reading

Some Bible Passages On Meeting Others’ Earthly Needs…

My friends, the passages below are just a small sample of the many Bible verses on the importance of meeting the earthly needs of others through sacrificial giving. Notice that these passages are… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 32: Elevating Others 7

We are in post 32 of digging into the Bible to understand God’s purpose for this local church; we have spent many posts looking at what it means to Elevate God…we have spent… Continue reading

The “ALWAYS” Of God…

In the NIV translation of the Bible, God uses the word “always” many times to describe aspects of His character (Who He is) and actions that He takes (what He does). We can… Continue reading

Immersed In the Streets of Chicago (Meeting A Man Named Troy)…

For the sixth summer in a row the LORD Almighty has blessed me, with the help of many others, to lead a group of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders into Chicago with the… Continue reading

Poverty & Wealth II (Part II of II): What Do We Do Now?

  “Poverty & Wealth: What Do We Do Now?”   Question: What were you doing at 11:27 at night on May 30th, 2002?   It was a Thursday night—I looked it up. Many… Continue reading

Poverty & Wealth (Part I of II)…

Poverty & Wealth: What They Are and What We Can Do About Them! Introduction: Various Statistics on Poverty: http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats#fact26#fact26 Transition: My friends, for the next two Sundays we are going to be learning… Continue reading