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The Willingness Of The LORD…

Few people would want a medical school student to do their surgery— we typically prefer the seasoned doctor, experienced with many surgeries under his/her belt, not a doctor in training. And yet in… Continue reading

Thoughts On The Lord’s Supper 3…

“In view of God’s mercy, offer yourselves as living sacrifices. This is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world But be transformed by the renewing of… Continue reading

It’s All Meaningless 5? Will God Judge The World? (Ecclesiastes 3:15-17)

Ecclesiastes 3:15-17: “Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account. 16 And I saw something else under the sun: In the place… Continue reading

Sin: Calculating Our Spiritual Debt To God…

Each year over the course of your earthly life, if you were to spend the average annual wage (for the United States in 2018) at the average credit card interest rate (compounding interest!)… Continue reading

Thoughts On The Lord’s Supper 2…

Some fancy restaurants don’t have prices on the menu. You order without knowing the true cost. You imagine that something simple like a bowl of pasta or a salad “can’t be THAT expensive”–even… Continue reading

Closing Comments On Fearing the LORD…

Below are some final comments on fearing the LORD. Not that this sums up all there is to know about this–not even close! Three posts ago I made opening comments on fearing God… Continue reading

What Is The Gospel, the Good News, Of The Lord Jesus Christ?

Let’s look at some verses in Colossians 1 and 2, and other various passages throughout the Bible, to see God’s answer to this all-important question… What has really happened to those who are… Continue reading

A Journey Thru Acts 37: The Fear of the LORD 1 (9:31)

What does it look like to receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior & Master? Bringing to Him your face (e.g. soul) without the foundation make-up; realizing & repenting of the deplorable state… Continue reading

A Journey Thru Acts 36: The Love of God (8:26-40)

We’ve been digging into Acts 8:26-40–please click HERE for the passage–for the last three posts as we’ve discussed the question, “What is the Good News about Jesus Christ that Philip shared w/the Ethiopian… Continue reading

Importance Of Sunday Morning Worship Services…

Most are aware of the shooting massacre that took place recently in Las Vegas. Before this coming weekend when Christians around the world will gather to sing praises to the LORD, I want… Continue reading