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A Journey Thru Acts 15: Growing & Maturing 2 (6:1-7)

Loved ones, we celebrated the Lord Jesus’ resurrection from the dead/grave two Sundays ago, but we are to celebrate it every Sunday…really every day. How do we do that? Romans 6:4: “We were therefore… Continue reading

Entering the Kingdom Of Heaven…

Matthew 7:21-23 (please click HERE): Our main passage in this post; part of Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount,” Matthew chapters 5—7. Read those three chapters—POWERFUL! Jesus paints a picture of what He wants… Continue reading

No Excuses (One Last Chance?)

To listen to an audio of this info below, please click HERE. Many people understandably wonder if God will give humans “one final chance” to believe in Jesus after our earthly lives are… Continue reading

What God Has Been Teaching Me Lately II…

Greetings My Friends~ As a humble pilgrim following Jesus through the rainforests and deserts of this earthly life, I would like to humbly share some of what God has been bubbling up in… Continue reading

Is That Really In the Bible?

Is That Really In the Bible? Many people can’t believe the Bible is really a book inspired by God, and it’s understandable why believing this can be challenge. But the sheer and utter… Continue reading