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Biblical Foundations 41: The Word of God 4

Last post we talked about a fish being in one inch of water; It is alive but not free—all it can do is flop and gasp. But the free fish, the fish that… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 15: God’s Character 3: Comfort (Isaiah 51)

We continue this post to examine the foundation of this local church, the cornerstones on which Jesus is building HIS Church: Why does God have us attending HERE? . What is the Holy… Continue reading

The “Yet”s of God…

I’ve been thinking about the word “yet” this morning (yes, I know I’m a word-nerd…I can’t help it!). 🙂 Officially, the word “yet” has a few different uses/definitions (please click HERE), but for… Continue reading

Links In The Chain…

Matthew 1:1-17 (please click on Scripture passage above [and those below] to read the actual Biblical text) . Why preach on a passage of Scripture that just has a bunch of hard to… Continue reading

“Why Doesn’t God Make Life Easier?”

This question was asked of me recently by a dear friend whose godfather committed suicide. My friend–like many of us!–is genuinely trying to sort through the intense pain/hardship/suffering that characterizes life on earth.… Continue reading

“The Crushed Grape Produces the Choicest Wine”

(quote in title is from unknown source) Please notice this brilliant gem of God in verse 12 of the passage below (Exodus 1:11-14 NLT): “So the Egyptians made the Israelites their slaves. They… Continue reading

“And She Was No Longer Sad…”

In 1 Samuel 1:6-18 NLT (please click HERE for the full passage), we see Hannah inconsolable in her grief as she mourns for a child she has yet to conceive, as she endures… Continue reading

God’s Blueprint for Surviving Anything…

Notice the title is not, “God’s Blueprint for Making Problems Disappear.” God sometimes calms the storm, but He often chooses to carry you THROUGH the storm. Psalm 71:19-22 Your righteousness, O God, reaches… Continue reading

Some Humble Thoughts On the Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy…

Dearest Loved Ones~ . I have no idea regarding/no understanding of the pain being experienced by those who lost family and friends in the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Furthermore, the following thoughts… Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Loving Those Who Are Deeply Hurting…

Some Thoughts On Loving Those Who Are Deeply Hurting   1. Love them like the Biblical Job’s friends did at first—BEFORE they opened their big mouths (please click on verses to see Job… Continue reading