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Biblical Foundations 26: Elevating Others 1

As we continue for the 26th post to look at the foundation of this local church, we will begin to look at elevating others, specifically non-Christians. We have spent much time looking at elevating… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 15: God’s Character 3: Comfort (Isaiah 51)

We continue this post to examine the foundation of this local church, the cornerstones on which Jesus is building HIS Church: Why does God have us attending HERE? . What is the Holy… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 5: Being With God (Mark 6:31)

We have been looking at different Bible passages over the last four posts to understand the Biblical foundation of this local church— Why does God have each of us attending HERE? What is… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 4: God’s Hand (1 Peter 5)

For Part 2, please click HERE; For part 1, please click HERE. . The last two weeks we have been digging into Romans 10:13-17 to begin looking at some of the cornerstones of… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 1: Salvation (Romans 10:13)

As 2015 comes to a close, and by God’s grace 2016 begins soon for all of us, I want to invest the next 4, 5, 6 weeks or more in going deep into… Continue reading