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Comforted & Confronted By Christ’s Resurrection…

One of the biggest challenges each year is finding “new” or “catchy” or “entertaining” ways to teach about the Lord Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. But it’s a trap, it’s not necessary: Good… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 41: The Word of God 4

Last post we talked about a fish being in one inch of water; It is alive but not free—all it can do is flop and gasp. But the free fish, the fish that… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 31: Elevating Others 6

This is our 6th post digging in the Bible about elevating others—serving non-Christians—and the last five posts we have focused on the importance of telling them about the Lord Jesus with our words, that… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 13: Responding To Easter

Jesus asks MANY powerful questions in the Gospels… For Easter this year, let’s look at two of His powerful questions:   John 11:23-26 NIV: Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.”… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 11: Preparing For Easter 1 (Sin 1)

Holy Spirit—please give us grace to teach what is encouraging from the Bible & give us guts to teach what may be excruciating from the Bible. As we get closer to Good Friday… Continue reading


Acronyms (please click on the Bible chapter/verses below to read the actual Scripture passages) . L.O.V.E.: the Lord Offers Victory to Everyone! “Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our… Continue reading

Jesus Wants Us To Fear God?

We are in week 3 of our series “Haunting Verses of the Bible.” Week 1 was “Entering the Kingdom of Heaven,” Matthew 7:21-23 where Jesus says, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord,… Continue reading

Recovering A Holy Disgust For Sin…

One of the many roles of the Holy Spirit is to convict people of sin (John 16:7-11–please click HERE)–to help us know when we are sinning/have sinned and to help us turn to… Continue reading

Be Still & Know That He Is God…

Isaiah 46:3-10 (please click HERE) is a POWERFUL passage in the Bible that God is using in my life these days. I feel almost magnetically drawn–emotionally, spiritually and mentally–to these eight verses and… Continue reading

“My Comfort In My Suffering Is This…”

“…Your promise preserves my life” (Psalm 119:50). Wow. Let’s notice what that verse does NOT say: -my accomplishments preserve my life; -my bank account preserves my life; -my obedience to God preserves my… Continue reading