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Biblical Foundations 23: God’s Character 11: Responses to Jesus 3

Oh the beautiful burden of preaching. May the Holy Spirit help all pastors not to do surgery when all that is needed is a hug; and may the Holy Spirit help all pastors… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 21: God’s Character 9: Responses to Jesus 2

Without realizing it, many subconsciously think that the pastor who loves you is the pastor who tells you what you want to hear, what will make you smile. No…the pastor who loves you… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 20: God’s Character 8: Responses to Jesus 1

This post we will continue to look to the Bible to understand why God has us attending this local church—what is the foundation of this local Body of Jesus? One cornerstone is knowing… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 19: God’s Character 7: Discipline (Psalm 103)

Loved ones, we continue to look at the Biblical foundations of this local church: Why does God have us attending here? What is He doing in us and through us, in this building… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 18: God’s Character 6: Benefits (Psalm 103)

We continue to look at the Bible to understand the character of God…what is He really like? Many of us, if we are honest, believe many things about God not from Scripture but… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 15: God’s Character 3: Comfort (Isaiah 51)

We continue this post to examine the foundation of this local church, the cornerstones on which Jesus is building HIS Church: Why does God have us attending HERE? . What is the Holy… Continue reading

Biblical Foundations 14: God’s Character 2: Hope (Lamentations 3)

We continue to look at the Biblical foundation of this local church—what are the cornerstones, what holds this church up? There are so many opinions today, but what does the Bible say? The… Continue reading