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Jesus Wants Us To Fear God? (Part III)

For Part I, please click HERE. For Part II, please click HERE. As we’ve recently learned from Scripture, A healthy and Biblical fear of God is neither terror of God nor total casualness… Continue reading

Jesus Wants Us To Fear God? (Part II)

For Part I, please click HERE. In a court of law, 99% of people make the conscious choice to not get sarcastic with the judge— the judge has the ability to fine you, hold… Continue reading

Fearing Spiritual Growth…

This culture in which we live squeezes all the God sense out of us. I want to be observant and informed enough to help this congregation understand what we are up against, the… Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Fear & Safety…

. We often run toward safety…but usually it is AWAY from where God wants us to be, away from His mission/purpose for our lives. There seems to be a distinct spiritual parallel to… Continue reading

What God Has Been Teaching Me Lately XVI…

Greetings My Friends~ As a humble pilgrim following Jesus through the rainforests and deserts of this earthly life, I would like to humbly share some of what God has been bubbling up in… Continue reading