Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 29…

Rejoice in Christ
and resist every temptation to doubt His love
as you would resist a temptation
to adultery or murder. John Newton

Love is not a vat that you fall into randomly.
Love is saying I see everything about you,
good and bad
and I am still committed to you. Tim Keller

Our sins are often as dear to us as our children:
we love them, hug them, cleave to them, and delight in them.
To part with them is as hard as cutting off a right hand,
or plucking out a right eye.
But it must be done.- J.C. Ryle

When the cares of your heart are many, remember four great promises:
1. God knows more than you do.
2. Even your worst trials are filled with his love.
3. He will judge every offense — and right every wrong.
4. Even when you want to give up, he will not. desiringGod.org

In 1758, after the death of Jonathan Edwards,
his wife Sarah wrote to their daughter Esther:
“A holy and good God has covered us with a dark cloud.
O that we may kiss the rod, and lay our hands on our mouths!
The Lord has done it.”
O that we would all have such trust! Dustin Benge

We all have a standard
and we are either proud because we are living up to that standard,
or decimated because we are not. Tim Keller

The charges against me have been dropped,
put on the Christ who
did my time, took my guilt, and paid my debt. Jared C. Wilson

Sometimes it takes having differences,
not understanding one another, and
even being a little bit irritated by and bored with one another,
to remind us that the church is a family and not a club. Scott Sauls

We must come to good works by faith,
and not to faith by good works. —William Gurnall

Suggestion for fighting sinful impatience with disobedient children:
remind yourself continually that your goal
is not to control, but to train. Jonathan Leeman

“The most important thing about raising girls
is not what they feel about themselves,
but what God says” Danneh Gresh.

Don’t set your alarm just to read words on a page.
Get up early to hear from God. DesiringGod.org

Trusting in Christ as He is clothed in the gospel,
we are guided by the law
without any fear of our failures
provoking its judgment. Michael Horton

The Gospel takes a lifetime to appreciate
and an eternity to enjoy. Tim Keller

Praise God.
Don’t just say, “Praise God.”
Go on to extol His character.
Exalt Him for His work in creation.
Marvel aloud at His great salvation.
Praise God out loud with specific content.
Forget not all His benefits and tell someone.
Let His praise continually be in our mouths. Thabiti Anyabwile

Man has no power to get light [understanding of the Truth].
He may strike the damp match of reason,
but it will not yield him a clear flame. Charles Spurgeon

Satan can never undo a man without himself;
but a man may easily undo himself without Satan. Thomas Brooks

You have a holy God above you,
a precious soul within you,
and an awesome eternity before you,
of either blessing or curse. —Matthew Henry

We need to be immersed once again in the amazing drama of the Bible—
its Christ-centered plotline
from Genesis to Revelation. Michael Horton