Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 28

To those who preach:
You do not want to claim to find anything in the Bible
that no one else has ever seen.
If it is new, it is not true. Steven Lawson

It is a good rule never to look into the face of a man in the morning
till you have looked into the face of God. Charles Spurgeon

My kids don’t owe me in the morning if they keep me up half the night. They’re not emotionally indebted to me
for the inconvenience of meeting their needs.
Shout out to all the parents out there struggling to keep this front of mind
& daily crucifying their own selfishness. Yule Wigg-Stevenson

If God’s primary purpose was to deliver to you a comfortable life,
he’s a massive failure.
No, he’s committed to giving you something
vastly better and eternally more significant. Paul David Tripp

Lord, you did illumine the heart of Thomas
with the clear radiance of your risen glory,
and you know how to deal with the doubts and perplexities of my heart.
I have not seen,
but give me the confidence of those who have believed. F.B. Meyer

He had one Son without sin;
but he never had a son without sorrow. Charles Spurgeon

Your qualification to come to Christ is your lack of qualification.
Charles Spurgeon

God became human and offered his life
in order to honor moral justice and merciful love
so someday he can destroy evil without destroying us. Tim Keller

It is only when we behold God in His majestic holiness
that we really feel our unworthiness to stand in his presence
until He acts in mercy to forgive our sin.
Forgiveness begins with an understanding of the holiness of God
and our inability to stand in His presence. Michael Horton

“if we are only offensive or only attractive and not both,
we can be sure we are failing to live as we ought.” Tim Keller

“If we reduce the work of the Holy Spirit to the spectacular,
we will miss Him in the ordinary.” Michael Horton

May I dwell in you, O Christ, and you in me,
so that you may be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death.
In the commonplaces of life
may others see in me that which will remind them of you,
my unseen Lord. F.B. Meyer

 “I have but one candle of life to burn,
and I would rather burn it in a land filled with darkness
than in a land flooded with lights.” Ian Keith Falconer

“don’t be the human version of caps lock,
not everything is worth being outraged about. Justin Wevers

Young people are not adequately prepared
to make a case for what they believe and why they believe it.
As a whole, we as the Church have failed our youth.
We have been too busy entertaining them
when we really needed to prepare them. Nicholas Davis

“Brother, if you would enter that Province,
you must go forward on your knees.” Hudson Taylor

“The person who loves their dream of community
will destroy community,
but the person who loves those around them
will create community.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

An idol is anything that you turn to and say, “Save me.” Tim Keller

“If any pastor is to be a wise pastor
he must walk in the path of discipleship with his heavenly Father.
We do not have innate pastoral instincts and abilities.”
Allan Blanch via John Newton

A common mistake many pastors make in church revitalization
is they assume if God’s word is powerful
then it should bring change in people’s hearts quickly.
Preach, but be patient. Brian Croft