Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 27…


You live on a giant sphere spinning at 1,000 miles per hour,
while orbiting around a massive fireball
at about 67,000 miles per hour,
in a solar system that’s traveling around the Milky Way
at over 500,000 miles per hour.

Your life is not boring.


We cannot appeal to a crucified savior
that we might live a cross-less life.

Michael McAfee

My social media strategy:

  1. Relentlessly encourage, edify & inform.
  2. Ignore trolls, mockers & slanderers into oblivion.
  3. Starve dissensionists, narcissists, & errorists of the attention they crave.
  4. Point people to sound people & resources.
  5. Exalt Christ. Bible. Grace. Truth.Gospel.
  6. Stay out of food fights. Don’t lob hand grenades into serious discussions. Bring people together.
  7. Be kind. Persuade (rather than rally).
  8. Treat people on social media like I would treat them in person.
  9. Don’t be different on social media from what I am in my life, family, church and ministry. Be the same person online and offline.
  10. Don’t give inordinate attention to people whose only “platform” is social media & who elsewhere have little accountability, responsibility.

Ligon Duncan

My trials have been fewer than my sins,
and when I have kissed the rod it has fallen from Your hands.
You have often wiped away my tears,
restored peace to my mourning heart,
chastened me for my profit.
All Your work for me is perfect, and I praise You.

Valley Of Vision

Don’t doubt God, doubt your doubts:
Or starve them until they have no strength to exist.

David Coffee

“It takes a wise, bold, Kingdom Ethic-guided, Spirit-filled leader
to question the present reality
and ask if there is a more excellent way allowed by the Word.”

J.D. Payne


The questions “What should I do?” and “Who should I be?”
are not unrelated.
But the order in which we ask them matters.
If we focus on our actions without addressing our hearts,
we may end up merely as better behaved lovers of self.

Michael Horton

For a child of God, there is confidence and boldness every day.
We don’t walk in fear of anyone or anything;
our Father owns the place!
We live with heads held high.

Tim Keller

Reason can get you to probability,
but only commitment can get you to certainty.

Tim Keller

“In God’s sight there are two men—
Adam and Jesus Christ—
and these two men have all other men
hanging at their girdle strings.”

Thomas Goodwin

Enjoy God’s gifts,
and let them lead you further into worship.
Follow the sunbeams back to the sun.

Andrew Wilson

“The foolish man lives as if he will never live again,
as if this were the only world there is.”

AW Tozer

I confide in You and lean upon You,
and need You at all times to assist and lead me.
O that all my distresses and apprehensions
might prove but Christ’s school
to make me fit for greater service
by teaching me the great lesson of humility.

Valley of Vision

The mornings we feel least excited to open the Bible
are the mornings we need most to hear from God in his word.


“The views I have received of the doctrines of grace
are essential to my peace;
I could not live comfortably a day, or an hour without them.”

John Newton

If I fall let me hide myself in my Redeemer’s righteousness,
and when I escape,
may I ascribe all deliverance to Your grace.
Keep me humble, meek, lowly.

Valley of Vision

We really don’t have a right to reinterpret the Bible
just to try to make God our idea of “fair.”

Erwin Lutzer