Thoughts On The Lord’s Supper 6

I met a man recently who shared with me some of his life journey.

Then he asked me, “So what were you before you received Christ?
Alcoholic? Drug addict?”

I paused & replied something like, “No. In some ways, worse.
I was a self-satisfied Pharisee.
I thought my salvation came from being a good person, a nice guy, polite & respectful.
I (thought I) was loved by God because I (thought I) was lovable.”

That is what we celebrate at the Lord’s Supper—
being rescued from the lie of trying to earn our salvation.

A motto of the U.S. Marines is: “Always earned, never given.”
That was my motto spiritually, that was how I was going to get to heaven (so I thought).

But the Holy Spirit graciously humbled me & opened my eyes
& reversed that motto to the Gospel:

“Always given, never earned.”

We must remember this—we are always in danger of reversing the Gospel.

While there is a to-do list for those in Christ—
Ephesians 2:10: “God has prepared good works in advance for us to do”—
we must constantly focus on the
to-done list
that put us in Christ first:

  • the manger (done),
  • the cross (done),
  • the empty tomb (done),
  • regeneration (done)—oh the Gospel, all a gift!

By repentance & faith in Jesus Christ only,
have you received Christ’s to-done list for your forgiveness & adoption,
are you still working on your to-do list to someday be forgiven & adopted?

Please reflect on this now, my dear friends…