Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 23

nature summer (6-12-18)

God does not love us because Christ died for us.
Christ died for us because God loves us.
John Stott 

When Isaiah sees a vision of God
he doesn’t cry “Wow!” but “Woe!”
God doesn’t overwhelm us with how brilliantly like us he is,
but with how disastrously unlike him we are.
Sam Allberry

“Perhaps the greatest hindrance to our work
is our own imagined strength.”
Hudson Taylor

Oh for a heart to love God more,
to hate sin more,
to walk more closely with God.
Lord, deny not to me such a heart,
whatever else you deny me;
give me a heart to fear, love, and delight in you,
even if I have to beg my bread in desolate places.
John Flavel, 1627–1691

Whoever is truly humbled —
will not be easily angry,
nor harsh or critical of others.
He will be compassionate and tender
to the infirmities of his fellow-sinners,
knowing that if there is a difference —
it is grace alone which has made it!
John Newton

We would never imagine
that getting our heart’s deepest desires
might be the worst thing that can ever happen to us.
Tim Keller

How can you say, “Lead us not into temptation,”
when you are resolved to lead yourselves into it,
by running into the occasions of sins.
George Whitefield

Above all, keep much in the presence of God.
Never see the face of man
till you have seen his face who is our life, our all.
Robert Murray McCheyne

In the morning,
we need to feed our souls
the deep truths of God’s word,
not the cheap substitutes of social media.

Why read your Bible tomorrow morning?
1. You cannot love God, and not listen to him.
2. Your faith needs promises to survive.
3. We become like what we behold.
4. You will find the joy you want in God’s words.
5. There are good works to be done, and Scripture will equip you.

You don’t have to be born again
to want Jesus to fix your life.
You do need to be born again
to want Jesus to be Lord of your life.
Kevin DeYoung

“The true Christian hates sin,
flees from it,
fights against it,
considers it his greatest plague,
resents the burden of its presence,
mourns when he falls under its influence,
and longs to be completely delivered from it.”
J.C. Ryle

Following Jesus always means leaving something.
We can’t continue to be all we were,
and simply add him into our routine.

We must be so immersed in God’s written Word & truth
that we are trained to choose rightly
in cases which the Bible doesn’t speak directly.
Tim Keller

The essence of forgiveness
is absorbing pain
instead of giving it.
Tim Keller

Affliction is one of God’s medicines.
By it He often teaches lessons
which would be learned in no other way.
By it He often draws souls away from sin and the world,
which would otherwise have perished everlastingly.
Health is a great blessing,
but sanctified disease is a greater blessing.
J.C. Ryle

Our sons and daughters
desperately need parents
who care more for their eternal souls
than their temporal comforts.

Wanna see American Christianity
become revolutionary, countercultural, and powerful again?
Re-hitch the Bible to your preaching,
center on the foolishness of the gospel,
and replace pragmatism [whatever works]
with gut-spilling prayer.
Let’s make Christianity weird again.
Jared C. Wilson

Give me a man of God the truth to preach,
a house of prayer within convenient reach,
Seat-rents the poorest of the poor can pay,
A spot so small one pastor can survey,
Give these – and give the Spirit’s genial shower
Scotland shall be a garden all in flower.
Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne

“Suffering & success go together.
If you are succeeding without suffering,
it’s because others before you have suffered;
if you are suffering without succeeding,
it is that others after you may succeed”
Edward Judson, son of Adoniram Judson,
speaking on the sufferings of his pioneer father.

As far as the curse of Adam extends,
so far does the offer of pardon by Jesus extend.
Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne

“Lust is a poor, weak, whimpering whispering thing
compared with that richness and energy of desire
which will arise when lust has been killed.”
C.S. Lewis

Like the sun,
Christ has sufficiency
to fill innumerable millions of eyes with light
in the same instant.
John Newton

Lord, increase my resolve
to pursue only what you call me to do,
and deliver me from all the other distractions.

Lord, wean me from my sins,
from my cares,
and from this passing world.
May Christ be all in all to me.
Robert Murray McCheyne

No oppressor can rage against us unless the Lord permits;
why do we then fear?
He who gives our foe permission to annoy us in measure,
holds the other end of his chain
and will keep him within bounds.
Charles Spurgeon

God often withholds
the things we want most in life
to show us
just how much
we already have in him.

A great many censorious people
are mighty inquisitive to know,
what will become of the heathens
that never heard of Jesus Christ.
I would say to such persons,
as the Lord Jesus Christ did to another curious inquirer,
“What is that to thee? Follow thou me.”
George Whitefield

Perhaps you think it is poor praying;
indeed, you hardly care to call it prayer at all;
but God does not judge as you do.
A groan is heard in heaven;
a deep-fetched sigh and a falling tear
are prevalent weapons at the throne of God.
Charles H. Spurgeon

[The Christian] knows that he has the seeds of every evil in his own heart.
And under all trials and afflictions —
he will look to the hand of the Lord,
and lay his mouth in the dust,
acknowledging that he suffers much less
than his iniquities have deserved.
John Newton

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