Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 22

wave (6-11-18)

Self is an unpleasant subject for study,
anatomy is nothing to it:
to dissect a corpse
is not half so disagreeable
as to examine your own character.
Charles Spurgeon

“Let the first words out of your mouth
while still on your pillow
be a cry to God:
‘I need you again today.’”
John Piper

Prosperity knits a man to the World.
He feels that he is “finding his place in it”,
while really it is finding its place in him.
C.S. Lewis

I believe that one reason
why the church of God
at this present moment
has so little influence over the world
is because the world
has so much influence over the church.
Charles Spurgeon

“If I look at the world, I will conform to ways of the world.
If I look at the Word, I will conform to the will of God.”
A.W. Tozer

I have reason to praise Him for my trials,
for, most probably,
I would have been ruined without them.
John Newton

“Good and evil both increase at compound interest.
That is why the little decisions you and I make every day
are of such infinite importance.”
C.S. Lewis

“I am too conservative for liberals
and too liberal for conservatives.”
-Every Christian following the whole Jesus.
Scott Sauls

Conversion to Christ
doesn’t hinge on a one-time prayer,
but on the discovery
that Jesus is the greatest treasure.

“Choose that employment or calling (so far as you have your choice)
in which you may be most serviceable to God.
Choose not that in which you may be
most rich or honorable in the world;
but that in which
you may do the most good,
and best escape sinning.”
Richard Baxter, 1615-1691

Marriage does not so much bring you
into confrontation with your spouse,
as to confront you with yourself.
Tim Keller

The great spiritual problem of our secular age
is not atheism,
but idolatry.
Ligon Duncan

I hope to die like the thief upon the cross.
I have no hope,
no comfort
in myself.
John Newton

Pastors: never be impressed
with someone telling you
how much you and the church you pastor
are better than their last church experience,
because they’ll tell the next church and pastor
the same about you!
Dr. Eric Mason

I make you 4 promises of forgiveness:

I will not dwell on this incident.
I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.
I will not talk to others about this incident.
I will not let this incident stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.
Thabiti Anyabwile

We are prone to forget and neglect Christ
because we simply do not grasp
how desperately we need him.

People say feelings of love
are the basis for actions of love.
However, more so actions of love
can lead consistently to feelings of love.
Tim Keller

Isn’t interesting that the Apostle Paul,
in his list of qualifications for elders in the church,
only lists one competency: ”able to teach?”

Everything else is character,
and it’s either personal character or marital character.
Ligon Duncan

In my judgment they are the happiest,
who have the lowest thoughts of themselves,
and in whose eyes Jesus
is most glorious and precious.
John Newton

God’s love in John 3:16
is not amazing
because the world is so big,
but because the world is so bad.”
D.A. Carson

“Surely what a man does
when he is taken off his guard
is the best evidence
for what sort of man he is.”
C.S. Lewis

If you can sin and not weep over it,
you are an heir of hell.
If you can go into sin,
and afterwards feel satisfied to have done so,
you are on the road to destruction.
Charles Spurgeon

“I am afraid that all the grace that I have got
[from] my comfortable and easy times and happy hours,
might almost lie on a penny.

But the good that I have received
[from] my sorrows, and pains, and griefs,
is altogether incalculable.”
Charles Spurgeon

Beware of no man more than of yourself:
we carry our worst enemies within us.
Charles Spurgeon

“God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms.”
John Newton

Nothing has a greater tendency
to beget and excite such an obediential love in us,
than a serious and frequent consideration
of the manifold mercies
we receive time after time
from the hands of our heavenly Father.
George Whitefield

Want to go to a conference
that features a small-time pastor
that nobody’s ever heard of?
It’s called “church.”
Church Curmudgeon

But that we are so totally depraved [sinful],
is a truth which no one ever truly learned
by being only told it.
John Newton

“God made us:
invented us as a man invents an engine.
A car is made to run on petrol,
and it would not run properly on anything else.

Now God designed the human machine
to run on Himself.
He Himself is the fuel
our spirits were designed to burn.”
C.S. Lewis

“All your promises are yes and amen!
I will rest in your promises.
My confidence is in your faithfulness!”
Dan Mayer

hawaii (6-11-18)