Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 18…

fog and trees (2-19-18)

“If we are not changed by grace, then we are not saved by grace.”

A.W. Tozer

Both secularism and devout faith are growing.
What’s going away is the mushy middle of religiosity.

Tim Keller

“Let no social reformer despise Christian work [evangelism with words].
While he is busy erecting clean houses,
the Christian is busy finding him clean tenants”

Archibald G. Brown, 1883.

“The true Christian
hates sin,
flees from it,
fights against it,
considers it his greatest plague,
resents the burden of its presence,
mourns when he falls under its influence,
and longs to be completely delivered from it.”

J.C. Ryle, late 1800s

Putting the weight
of all our deepest hopes and longings
on the person we “love”
will crush him or her with our expectations.

Tim Keller

Marry in a desperate attempt to avoid loneliness,
and you might soon find yourself
married and more lonely than ever before.


“If you’re not worshiping God on Tuesday
the way you [did] on Sunday,
perhaps you’re not worshiping Him at all.”

A.W. Tozer

Prosperity may cause us to rise in the world,
but affliction is needful to raise us above the world.

John Newton

People do their country more service
by pleading for it in prayer
than by finding fault with things
they have no power to alter.

John Newton, late 1700s

No one is neutral.

People know instinctively
that if Christianity is true
they will lose control
and not be able to live any way they wish.

Tim Keller

Religion is man searching for God;
Christianity is God seeking man,
manifesting Himself to him,
drawing Himself unto him.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

God chose a stable so that no innkeeper could boast.
He chose a manger so that no woodworker would brag.
And God freely chose you and me so that our only boast is him.


Jesus tells us this godliness comes not mainly by working harder–
but by having just one master.

That is: “the thing that makes progress so difficult
isn’t the path itself.
It is that we are trying to go in two directions.”

Nic Gibson

The fear: If I obey God, I will not be happy.

This is the same lie that Satan told in the garden.

Tim Keller

“When your heart is far from God,
worship is vain and empty.

Draw near to him,
and he’ll draw near to you.”

John Piper

“Do nothing that you would not like God to see.
Say nothing you would not like God to hear.
Write nothing you would not like God to read.
Go no place where you would not like God to find you.
Read no book of which you would not like God to say, “Show it to Me.” –

J.C. Ryle

“Grace isn’t amazing if sin against God isn’t that bad.”

Zac Hess


“Pulpits are not meant for preachers to draw attention to themselves,
but rather to direct our attention to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brian Davis

“If Jesus hadn’t been willing to make earth his destination,
we would have no hope whatsoever
of the new heavens and the new earth
being our final destination.“

Paul Tripp

If anything becomes more fundamental than God

to your happiness,
meaning in life,
and identity,

then it is an idol.

Tim Keller

“Your sins can darken your awareness of God’s love,
but they cannot darken the reality of that love.”

ESV Bible Devotional Psalter on Psalm 130

These are the days
when the Christian is expected
to praise every creed
except his own.

G.K. Chesterton, writing in the early 1900s.

God may seem to have forgotten,
but right now he is in the process of arranging
all that will fulfill his great promises.

Read the Bible and see the promises to those who believe.

He is able to give us more than we dare ask or think.

Ephesians 3:20, Tim Keller

“If you feel that you have any right to forgiveness
you are not, as I understand it,
a Christian.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“Only when sin breaks our hearts
will the coming of the Messiah excite our hearts.”

Paul Tripp

“A spiritual man delights not to see himself honored,
but to see his Lord promoted.”

AW Tozer

Do you ever try to do good to others?
If you do, remember to tell them about Christ.

Tell the young,
tell the poor,
tell the aged,
tell the ignorant,
tell the sick,
tell the dying –
tell them all about Christ.

Tell them of His power & tell them of His love!

J.C. Ryle


“Holiness does not consist merely of inward sensations and impressions.

It is much more than tears, sighs and bodily excitement,
a quickened pulse, a passionate feeling.

It is something of the image of Christ,
which can be seen in our
private life,
and character.”



If wealth is a dependable sign of God’s approval,
then Jesus was on God’s blacklist;
embezzlers and drug dealers are the apple of His eye.

Randy Alcorn

Don’t be discouraged when your work seem unnoticed.
Man applauds for what’s in the spotlight,
but God applauds the faithfulness that people often overlook.

Heaven’s highlight reels will be full
of those selfless acts of faith and service
you thought nobody was noticing.

Dave Willis

winter (2-19-18)