Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 16

winter (12-22-17)

God doesn’t tell Moses,
“Tell them, ‘I am what you want.'”

He says, “Tell them, ‘I am what I am.’”

Tim Keller

The weakness of your faith
will not destroy you.
A trembling hand
may receive a golden gift.

Charles Spurgeon, born 1834

Old-fashioned believers
could give you chapter and verse
for what they believed;
but how few of such remain!

Charles Spurgeon

We may pray for friends & relatives.
But do we ever evangelize them?
It’s much easier to talk about them to Christ
than to talk to them about Christ.

Samuel Zwemer, missionary to Muslims, born 1857

Of course it costs to be a Christian,
but it costs much more not to be.

John Stott, born 1921

How utterly terrible
is the current idea
that Christians can serve God
at their own convenience.

AW Tozer, born 1897

Oh! But they will say, ‘it is ridiculous–a man trusting in God.’
Yes, but you do not think it ridiculous
to trust in yourselves.

Charles Spurgeon

It’s not necessary to see the big picture
as long as we believe that God has one.

Erwin Lutzer

Too many Christians
write their blessings in the sand
but engrave their sorrows in marble.

Charles Spurgeon

I advise you by all means to keep close to the atonement.
The doctrine of the cross
is the sun
in the system of truth.

John Newton, born 1725

Sin comes to us,
like Judas,
with a kiss,
and like Joab,
with an outstretched hand and flattering words….always attractive.

J.C. Ryle, born 1816

Show the world
that your God
is worth
ten thousand worlds
to you.

Charles Spurgeon

If you really long to save men’s souls,
you must tell them
a great deal
of disagreeable truth.

Charles Spurgeon

The Pastor’s primary task
is not communication
but communion.

Eugene Peterson

“Trials make the promise sweet
Trials give new life to prayer
Trials bring me to His feet
Lay me low and keep me there.”

(R Bryan, 1805-60)

A world where everything was easy
would be a nursery for babies,
but not at all a fit place for men.

Charles Spurgeon

There is nothing new in theology
but that which is false;
only the old is true,
for truth must be old,
as old as God Himself.

Charles Spurgeon

The more I learn about the sin in my own heart,
the more I want to know God’s grace.”

AW Tozer

You are as much serving God
in training your own children,
as you would be
if you lead an army to battle
for the Lord.

Charles Spurgeon

In youth, in middle age, and now after many battles,
I find nothing in me
but corruption.

John Knox, born 1513

A great many of you appear to have a large stock of faith
but it is only because
you are in very good health
and your business is prospering.

Charles Spurgeon

Dear famous pastor,
if you disqualify yourself from ministry [through sin],
have the humility
to accept the Lord’s discipline;
don’t try and vault yourself back into the spotlight.
Instead, bear fruits worthy of repentance,
quietly serve in a local church,
and trust the Lord with your future.

Nate Pickowicz

When Job was prospering,
he prayed.
When he was suffering,
he still prayed.

Tim Keller

God is good
not because he gives us answers
but because he gives us himself.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Praise is God’s due
when He takes
as well as when He gives,
for there is as much love
in His taking
as in His giving!

Charles Spurgeon

The way for a man to be contented,
is not by raising his estate higher,
but by bringing his heart lower.

Thomas Watson, born 1620

When talking about science,
if the word consensus is used,
somebody is selling something.

Douglas Wilson

There is no beauty in sin.
There is no comfort in sin.
There is no strength in sin.
There is nothing whatsoever good in sin.

Charles Spurgeon

The leaders of the future
will be those
who dare to claim their irrelevance
in the contemporary world
as a divine vocation.

Henri Nouwen, born 1932

Something my husband reminds me of all the time:
it’s not our experiences
that give our counsel weight,
it’s Scripture.

Lore Ferguson Wilbert

If someone succeeds in provoking you,
realize that your mind
is complicit
in the provocation.”

Epictetus, born 55AD

winter 2 (12-22-17)