The Importance Of Obedience…


Our obedience to God doesn’t & can’t flow to salvation,

But our obedience to God will flow from salvation.

Imagine a trusted expert told you,
in the middle of July,
that the next day the temperature outside would be -40F.

Many would not believe such a prediction, such an unusual statement,
and their lack of faith would show itself
through them choosing to wear shorts & t-shirts & sandals the next day.

Some might actually intellectually believe the prediction,
but when they wake up the next morning
and see the temperature already in the 70s and climbing steadily,
will still put on the same summer outfit
as the person who didn’t believe the strange forecast.

A few others would believe the forecast
and then in the morning dress for -40F.

They would begin to put on—
in the current heat!—
the appropriate gear:

  • hats,
  • scarf,
  • gloves,
  • heavy boots,
  • sweaters,
  • snow pants, etc.

They would look strange as they walked around outside that day
some would stare, some would laugh, some would ridicule,
and some might genuinely ask why they would wear such an outfit in July…

And yet it isn’t the action of putting on the winter gear
that protects the person from frost-bite and suffering and misery
when the temperature inevitably plummets,

it isn’t their deed of getting dressed that saved them,
but rather the initial faith,
which came before the putting on of the outfit,
that agreed with & submitted to & trusted
the unusual weather forecast.

My dear friends, to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
is both intellect and action,
is mental belief, heart agreement, and hand-deeds: all of the above!

To truly have faith in the Lord Jesus,
our actions of faithfulness & obedience
will eventually flow from our faith more and more.

Romans 1:5: “Through [Jesus Christ our Lord]
we received grace and apostleship
to call all the Gentiles
to the obedience that comes from faith
for his name’s sake.”

(please also see Romans 16:25-26) (and John 15:7-14)

It will lead us to make strange decisions,
obedience to God’s Word
that appears weird and offensive in the eyes of the non-Christian world.

(1 Peter 4:1-5) (Matthew 5:10-12)

Our obedience matters—the temperature will plummet!

But it isn’t our obedience that protects us
but rather the undeserved gift of faith,
faith in the Meteorologist and His Forecast
and receiving by faith the righteous clothing that He provides for us,
given to us by that very same Meteorologist through the death of His Son.

(please click HERE for all the verses in Romans on righteousness by faith alone)

I know in certain ways it’s sunny out for many people,
I know we see so many enjoying shorts & t-shirts & sandals at the beach…
things seem to be going so well in many ways,
business as usual,
there seems to be no end to the prosperity and comfort that many are enjoying
apart from faith in Christ & submission to Him by faith…

(2 Peter 3:3-13)

But may we humbly be holy and obediently gear up,
trusting our Father, our Savior & His Holy Spirit,
showing others the One
Who was stripped & crucified in disgrace
so that we could be clothed in righteousness & grace forever…

(Isaiah 61:10-11)

In the name of Jesus, let’s go make some snow angels on a beach with palm trees! 🙂

snow and palm trees 2 (12-7-17)