Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 13…

mountains (9-22-17)

God is most glorified
when we declare him sufficient
in the midst of great loss.


When pain & suffering come upon us,
we finally see
not only that we are not in control of our lives
but that we never were.

Tim Keller

Trying to preach
without offending anyone
is like trying to build a house
without a hammer or nails.

Caleb Suko

To those who preach:
If you please God,
it does not matter whom you displease.
And if you displease God,
it does not matter whom you please.

Steven Lawson

“Look not to yourselves.
You are by nature wretched, miserable, poor, blind & naked.
Look simply unto Jesus.”

J.C. Ryle

“The soul that has learned the blessed secret
of seeing God’s hand
in all that concerns it
cannot be a prey to fear.”

Susannah Spurgeon

I fear that some men
would sooner be damned
[sent to hell]
than be laughed at
[made fun of for being a Christian].

Charles Spurgeon

“Many of our trials and troubles
would altogether vanish
if we began to sing of our mercies.”

Charles Spurgeon

Whatever it takes, Lord,
keep me desperate for you
because I tend to wander
when I stop feeling
my need for you.


If a man believes
it MUST be an artist
who painted the eye that cannot see [artwork],
how can he DENY
there is an artist
who made the eye that saw it?

Jim Eliff

“If we had any concept of

how holy,
how powerful,
how awesome He is,

we would tremble in His presence.”

Nancy Wolgemuth (DeMoss)

When the gospel preacher ignores the “unsavory” aspects of

punishment, and

he ceases to be a gospel preacher.

Caleb Suko

People feel they have right to make you pay them attention.
[It’s] harder & harder to cultivate thoughtfulness
when Social Media’s language setting is outrage.

Jared C. Wilson

“Nothing so motivates us to deal with sin as…
the understanding
that sin’s power is broken
because of our union with Christ.”

Jerry Bridges

Preach the gospel in every sermon,
lest you distort the Scriptures
and create a community of almost-Christians.

Matt Smethurst

“Adversity has slain her thousand,
but prosperity her ten thousand.”


The person on their knees before God…
Sees more than the philosopher on tiptoe,
Has more power than any earthly leader

D.L. Moody

Healthy, faithful, biblical churches
outlast everything else
people talk about.

Harshit Singh

“Public prayer
will never make up
for closet communion.”

George Muller

Eastern meditation
involves emptying the mind.

Christian meditation
fills the mind
with God and Scripture.

Sean McDowell

It is a sad thing
when Christian’s borrow spectacles
to behold their weak brethren’s weaknesses…

and refuse looking glasses
wherein they may see
their weak brethren’s grace [holy qualities]

Thomas Brooks

Jesus did not give his own life
so that we could have abundant stuff now,
but so that we could have him forever.


“We do not pray
that God would turn a blind eye to wickedness [act like sin is no big deal],
but rather that He would
transform wicked people
into righteous people…”

Master’s Seminary

God has no superstars
just servants.
He is not concerned with fame
just faithfulness.
[He] desires intimacy
over activity.

Malachi O’Brien

We have never committed a small sin
because we have never offended a small God.

John Downey

Jesus is the only Master whose mercies are new every morning.

Tim Keller

You are engaged in a work so spiritual,
so far above all human power,
that to forget the Spirit
is to ensure defeat.

Charles Spurgeon

To my knowledge, the Apostles never planned an event
to get a crowd for the gospel.

Jim Eliff

Look at the drunkard, how penitent he is in the morning!
He repents of the headache,
and not of the drink.
The dog will return to his vomit.

[regardless of the sin,
Spurgeon is highlighting the difference
between regretting the consequences of the sin/being caught
and truly regretting the sin itself/dishonoring God]

Charles Spurgeon

mountains 2 (9-22-17)