Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer to King Jesus 11…

sunset (7-26-17)

“A Christian must not succumb to the temptation
of imagining that
God is no more certain
than their defence of God.”

[for example, thinking that God’s existence
is only as certain
as our skill in defending/proving/debating
His existence]

Os Guinness

Be cautious you do not degenerate into a mere hearer,
so as to place your chief stress on running after preachers.

John Newton (author of the hymn “Amazing Grace”–1779)

Our hearts are like a bucket of water on a cold day—
they will freeze over
unless we regularly smash the ice that is forming.

Tim Keller

If your god never disagrees with you,
you might just be worshiping
an idealized version of yourself. 

Tim Keller

Better to go to heaven doubting,
than to hell presuming.

Charles Spurgeon

“Bannings & burnings are too direct and only create paperwork.
Just give [the people] shiny things and leaders who don’t read.”

–Screwtape-ish (related to the C.S. Lewis book “The Screwtape Letters,”
which was written from the perspective of a demon to another demon
on how to lead Christians astray and
to keep non-Christians from becoming Christians)

God’s salvation does not come in response to a changed life.
A changed life comes in response to the salvation,
offered as a free gift.

Tim Keller

“Believe Christ’’s love
[His finished work on theCross]
more than your own feeling.
Your Rock does not ebb & flow,
though your sea does”

John Knox

God is not hiding Himself from men.
Men are hiding themselves from God.

Erwin Lutzer


It’s impossible to meet the real Jesus and leave indifferent.

Tim Keller

“[Jesus] prayed for Peter’s safety
before Peter himself was aware of his danger.”

John Newton

Men would be glad
to cast the church
out of the world
because it rebukes them,
and is thus a standing menace to their sinful peace-

Charles Spurgeon

“Preach the gospel and, if necessary, use words”
only makes sense
if the gospel was about moral change
and not Christ’s death & resurrection.

John Asirvatham

Any faith that does not result in a changed life
is not a saving faith;
it is a deceiving faith.

George Sweeting

‘Lord, I will preach, run, visit, wrestle,’ said I.
‘No, you shall lie in your bed and suffer,’ said the Lord.

Robert Murray McCheyne, early-mid 1800s.

“The first step towards attaining a higher standard of holiness
is to realize more fully the amazing sinfulness of sin.”

J. C. Ryle

Our sexual purity is not ultimately for a husband or a wife, but for God.


“Without the Word we blow up.
Without the Spirit we dry up.
But with the Word and the Spirit we grow up.”

Andy Bannister

There are rare Christians
whose very presence
incites others to be better Christians.
I want to be that rare Christian.

A.W. Tozer

We have nothing to be proud of,
but Lord,
we often conceive ourselves
to be something when we are nothing.

Charles Spurgeon

Here’s why I love Ecclesiastes:
it destroys the myth
that happiness is waiting for you
on the other side of success.

Drew Dyck

lightning (7-26-17)