Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 10…

Troll Tunga

1. If you keep leaving churches
because they’re awkward about your awkwardness,
why are you holding them
to a higher standard
than yourself?

Jared C. Wilson

2. An insatiable appetite for acceptance
always leads to compromise…always!

Eric Mason

3. Our discontentment doesn’t come from our
church, or

It comes from inside us.


4. If we knew what God knows,
we would ask exactly for what He gives.

Tim Keller

5. The world is always at peace with a lukewarm church,
and such a church is always pleased with itself.

Charles Spurgeon

6. What if evangelical decline
is really the Lord’s pruning of nominalism,
preparing us for great growth ahead?

Jared C. Wilson

is not first and foremost about
showing less skin,
but revealing more of Christ.


8. The world’s one and only remedy is the cross.

Charles Spurgeon

9. After preaching, some asked how old he was.
“Never mind my age,
think of the Lord Jesus and his preciousness,”
Spurgeon replied. He was 16.

Charles Spurgeon

10. “Take up your cross”
means treasure Jesus more than
human approval,
personal comfort,
and even life itself.


11. “Oh Adam’s sons,
how cleverly you defend yourselves
against all that might do you good!” –

Aslan, Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Abominations, like nests of vipers,
lie quietly in us,
till the rod of affliction rouses them;
then they hiss and show their venom.

John Newton

13. We see the Bible as a book of answers to our questions,
but if we let the text speak
we find
that we are not even asking the right questions.

Tim Keller

14. Jesus put himself at the center of the Old Testament story.
This isn’t something we’re making up.
Jesus talked like this.
He talked as if the entire Old Testament was about Him.

Rod Rosenbladt (whitehorseinn.org)

15. The kind of woman God commends in Proverbs 31
may not be the kind
who gets a lot of likes on her selfies.


16. Unless you have an authoritative view of the Bible,
you’ve got a God you created
and you’re going to be lonely.

Tim Keller

Church gathers
Unbeliever enters
Convicted Heart’s secrets exposed
Falls on his face
Declares God is there (1 Corinthians 14) #realchurch

Nancy Wolgemuth (DeMoss)

18. “Freedom is being so in love with Christ
that the thought of choosing anything
other than him
is unimaginable.”

John Piper

19. The most fitting response to a powerful sermon is not,
“What a great preacher!”
“What a great God!”

Tim Challies

20. “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.”

C.S. Lewis

21. Christianity doesn’t give you what you want,
it is more like an explosion
that destroys everything you had
to make way for something new.

Tim Keller

22. If it never costs you anything
to follow Jesus Christ as Lord,
you are not following
Jesus Christ as Lord.

Tony Evans

23. W.E.D.nesday = Worship Every Day (not just Sunday). Tony Nolan
“I will worship you every day” (Psalm 145:2)

nature 2 (6-28-17)