Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer to King Jesus 4


  1. “The founders of every major religion said, ‘I’ll show you how to find God.’
    Jesus said, ‘I am God who has come to find you’” (Tim Keller).
  2. “On the cross, God treated Jesus as if He lived my life.
    And because I believe in Him, He treats me as if I lived Jesus’ life” (Curtis Odell).
  3. “Be wary of trying to talk it out with your spouse
    before you’ve prayed it out with your God”
    (Gary Thomas, tweeted by Nancy Wolgemuth [Lee DeMoss])
  4. “Mystery is not the absence of meaning,
    but the presence of more meaning than we can comprehend” (Eugene Peterson).
  5.  “A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by man” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  6. “If we displease God, does it matter whom we please?
    If we please Him, does it matter whom we displease?” (Leonard Ravenhill)
  7. “Does democracy exist to the soldier?
    Can he fight when he wants, sleep when he likes,
    ground his place according to his fancy?” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  8. “I’d rather preach to one person who has a heart to hear
    than to 10,000 who’s ears are itching for entertainment” (Caleb Suko).
  9. “If God is sovereign, you can be called to a vocation,
    but not called to be successful in that vocation” (Tim Keller).
  10. ‘Hurry is the frantic state of effort one falls into in response to
    inadequacy, fear, or guilt” (Dallas Willard).
  11. “Finding teachers is not the problem.
    Being teachable is the problem” (Dave Jacobs).
  12. “The man who studies the Bible without praying
    will develop a good mind with a cold heart” (Steve Farrar).
  13. “The cure for a cranky soul begins by repenting,
    by realizing that my moodiness is a demand that my life have a certain shape”
    (Paul Miller).
  14. “An effective CEO of a family says “no” to more things outside the home
    and “yes” to more things inside” (Mark Merrill).
  15. “Always express your gratitude for what God’s already done for you
    before making new requests of the Lord.
    Enter his gates with thanksgiving!” (John Brangenberg).
  16. “If you find yourself in a place of weakness today,
    tell God you are willing to be used to display His power” (David Jeremiah).
  17. “Whether Scripture, social media, culture, or TV…
    whatever we feed on more than the rest…
    that is what’s discipling us” (Scott Sauls).
  18. History is…the long terrible story of
    man trying to find something other than God
    which will make him happy” (C.S. Lewis).
  19. “This life is all the heaven that the world-ling has
    and all the hell that the saint ever sees” (D.L. Moody).
  20. In Gethsemane, “we see Him enduring our hell
    so that we might be set free to enter His heaven”
    (Philip E. Hughes, tweeted by Nancy Wolgemuth [Lee DeMoss]).
  21. “We clean up the world best by cleaning up the church first” (Erwin Lutzer).
  22. “In the church in Acts, the Scripture says they were all amazed,
    but today, everyone just wants to be amused” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  23. “Christ has not conquered my affections
    if He still has to compete for my attention” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  24. “For most of us, God hasn’t become our happiness.
    We, therefore, pray to [get] things for our happiness,
    and not to know him better” (Tim Keller).
  25. “The pastor who is not praying is playing;
    the people who are not praying are straying” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  26. “Results of being with God:
    immunity from fear, flattery and fame,
    and a Holy Ghost inoculation
    to stand against earth, hell & carnal [worldly] churches” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  1. “The worst thing that God gives us is better than the best thing Satan offers”
    (Leonard Ravenhill).
  1. “God asks the best we have Because He gave the Best He had” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  2. “Today, deacons and elders are usually ‘men of standing’.
    In the New Testament Church they were ‘men of kneeling’ – praying men”
    (Leonard Ravenhill).
  3. “Eternal Word made flesh was He
    The promise prophets longed to see
    Jesus Christ our mystery
    Hallelujah, what a Savior!Gift of gifts in manger laid
    Hope of men, no more delayed
    God the Just, His love displayed
    Hallelujah, what a Savior!”
(Philip Paul Bliss)
  4. “Everyone wants to be clothed with power
    but no one wants to be stripped of self” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  5. “Prayer is not only a place where I lose my burdens,
    but also a place where I get a burden” (Leonard Ravenhill).
  6. “’You’re the preacher?’
    ‘So you’re the guy with all the answers.’
    ‘No, I’m the guy who points to that guy’” (Jared C. Wilson).
  7. God’s Holy Spirit is directing me to focus more on His Great Commission,
    aka, “leading people to Jesus Christ” (anonymous).
  8. “I’ve found that trusted friends arrive
    about the same time
    as fair weather friends leave” (Michael Minot).
  9. “What if Satan not only causes you to think evil things,
    but also causes you to forget all the evidences of grace in your life?” (John Piper).

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