Characteristics of Real Men and Real Women

Counterfeit_Money (11-21-13)


Because life is hard and you will eventually face difficult situations that require authentic/genuine manhood and womanhood–generics and counterfeits will not do (like a styrofoam crutch, a paper-mache boat, or silicone muscle-implants).

Because bankers learn to spot counterfeits not by studying fakes but by studying REAL money–the same is true with real manhood/womanhood…we need to deeply know what real men and women look like so we can spot the counterfeits that the culture tries to sell us.

Because maybe, just maybe, we are bored with life not because life is boring but because we are settling for something less than the best that is offered us–like a little kid who only wants his Matchbox toy cars when he is invited to drive real Ferraris, like a person who stays in the gift shop and never gets on the roller coaster.

Because honestly, many many businesses–without realizing it–are still looking for real men and women to work at their companies. As the quality of human character/integrity continues to decrease, those who are real men and real women will stand out even more and will be rewarded, just as stars are most noticeable at night when it is dark.



-looking good on the outside (body, clothes, etc.)

Problem: only temporary–we ALL grow old, wrinkly, saggy, etc.

-having lots of money

Problem: money can be lost–what happens to those who have much and lose it? What happens to those who spend their lives trying NOT to lose it?

-having fame/popularity/attention from others

Problem: only temporary and can easily be lost–some of the most famous people yesterday are all-but-forgotten today.

-having lots of fun/thrilling experiences (i.e. avoiding “boredom” at all costs!)

Problem: you have to keep upping the ante/risk to get the same rush as before

-doing whatever makes you “happy”/feels good

Problem: chasing happiness is like trying to catch butterflies with your hands–extremely difficult and when you finally do you often crush them because they’re so fragile.

-living life your way (not listening to others, especially those who are older)

Problem: if we’re honest we realize that we are blind, that there is SO MUCH we don’t know/realize. Let children run their own lives and see who they turn out to be.

-being “the best” at something (anything, really)

Problem: 99.99999% of us will never be “the best,” will never win the championship.




(Sacrificing personal safety to do the right thing)

Abraham attacked the armies of four kings in order to rescue his nephew Lot

Joshua and Caleb, despite the size of the people of Canaan, were ready to obey God and enter into the Promised Land to claim it for the LORD and His people

Esther risked her life by entering into the king’s presence uninvited in order to ask him to spare God’s people (and also by revealing herself to be one of God’s people who were given a death sentence by the king’s order!)

Finishing What You Start

Noah worked on the ark for over 100 years with no rain in sight and with his neighbors mocking him


Isaac continued to obey and honor his dad Abraham even after Abraham was about to kill Isaac!


The poor, starving widow generously agreed to give part of her LAST MEAL to the prophet Elijah…wow


(Doing the right thing even when no one is looking)

Daniel the teenager refused to eat forbidden food even though his parents weren’t around and he was in a foreign country (he didn’t believe in the saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do!”)


Ruth decided to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi and take care of her in a foreign land/culture where she would probably not be treated well

Not Giving Up

Adam & Eve tried again to have children even after their second son (Abel) was murdered by their first son (Cain) and the second son was “sent to prison” by God

Obeying God

(even when it causes us suffering)

Mary accepted the honor of carrying/giving birth to Jesus even though she knew that it would ruin her reputation

Speaking Up When A Friend Is Making A Seriously Bad Choice 

Until his servants boldly, wisely, and gently challenged him to do the simple task that the prophet Elisha had asked him to do, General Naaman’s pride was about to cause him to walk away from his only chance at saving his life and curing his leprosy

Taking Responsibility When You Mess Up/Not Blaming Others

David, when confronted by Nathan, admitted to murdering Uriah and having an affair with his wife Bathsheba. David didn’t deny what he did and he immediately apologized to God



There are MANY other Biblical examples of virtuous characteristics of real men and real women. Will you search the Bible to find them? Will you trust in Jesus as your Savior to be forgiven of your sins and thus to be inhabited by the Holy Spirit so He can begin the great renovation project in you?