Awaken, Jesus-People…Awaken…


We hear about others suffering…our hearts start to break…we feel sad…we genuinely/deeply want SOMEONE to do SOMETHING…and then we mentally change the channel…we think “happy” thoughts!…We get back to our lives so we don’t have to feel the pressure…so we won’t hear that still small Voice whispering: “YOU do something.”

We don’t (won’t) allow the excruciating pain/suffering of this world in general and specific people in particular to move us to action–actually doing something about it!…By constantly “changing the channel” to more pleasant thoughts we make the emotional nausea go away but never allow ourselves to vomit (which is sometimes the best thing for the body to do–actually throw up the contents that are making it sick!).

Instead of prayerfully dealing with the brokenness of this world we distract ourselves w/MORE work MORE entertainment MORE exercise MORE fun MORE activities that might not be sinful but that do NOTHING about the worlds hurt, nothing about the world’s misery & that ignore Jesus’ mission for us (“YOU give them something to eat” Matthew 14:16 NIV).

Awake, Jesus-people!

Let’s vomit up our daily distractions (aka “time marshmallows”) & take up our crosses (Luke 9:23-24 NLT). Soak in the worlds brokenness…let it get personal FOR US…so we”ll finally do something. Let’s be salt&light not sugar&shadow. Let’s not change the channel when we see/hear about others’ pain–let’s BE A CHANNEL of Jesus’ love, grace, healing.

Feeling overwhelmed? GOOD! arrying a cross every day is supposed to be overwhelming…it’s supposed to be impossible for us to do on our own…feeling this way FORCES us to rely on Jesus, Whose power/grace/strength is sufficient (all we need!) in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:7-10 NLT).

If we keep changing the channel & ignoring the misery of others we might get our subscription cancelled…If we keep going west if Christ told us “go east!” we might get swallowed by a whale…If we’re afraid to become boiling water, if we want to remain “room temperature,” Jesus just might spit us out of His mouth (Revelation 3:15-16 NLT).

Awaken, Jesus-people- rise up! We’ve been hibernating too long. Time to get vertical-we’ve been disgracefully horizontal. Time to become who we already are.

“We love You, Jesus.” Your people have said it…Your people have sung it…now please help us to SHOW IT. We’ve declared it…now help us to DO it (John 14:21 NLT).

I’m not talking about trying to earn our salvation, our ticket to heaven…I’m talking about THANKING Jesus for His salvation, practically/tangibly expressing our gratitude to Him for BEING our ticket to heaven.

R.A.N.T.: Robust Amplification of Necessary Thoughts.

P.L.A.Y.: People Loving Almighty Yahweh

Psalm 69:8-9 NLT