Monthly Archive: December, 2012

How And For What Should We Pray?

How And For What Should We Pray?A List of Paul’s Prayer Requests/Circumstances In the New Testament I pray 🙂 that this list below of what Paul prayed for and what he asked others… Continue reading

What Is Success and Some Habits That Lead To It?

A friend of mine who is in high school recently asked me to share with her my definitions of success and also some of the personal habits that I think will lead to… Continue reading

Questions For Dads (From MOPS Panel)

Questions for Dads MOPS Panel November 7th, 2012 1. What do you enjoy the most about being a father? How has your life changed the most since becoming a father?   There are… Continue reading

That Awkward Moment When…

1. That awkward moment when you take your large family of young kids out to eat & people in the restaurant have a disgusted look as you enter… 2. That awkward moment when you… Continue reading

(Hopefully) Comforting Thoughts In the Face of Death…

Officiated the interment ceremony of a dear saint recently, a beloved 88 year old prayer warrior who endured the death of both her husbands and almost single-handedly raised her five children. As I… Continue reading