Leaving A Legacy…


My friends, may we all get to the point where we are willing to share our testimony [what Jesus has done in our lives] and where we actually have a testimony to share. May we not be content to simply sit in the seats watching others live life (and often criticizing their mistakes), may we not allow ourselves to merely take up space or to be content to focus most on trying to always have fun (according to our definition of that word)! That is not what it means to be a Christian, it is not a picture of what it means to be truly alive (please click HERE to see Jesus’ words in John 10:10), and that will not get you where Jesus wants to take you or where you really want to be.

Let’s get serious about Jesus…He’s already serious about us!

I read about leadership a few years ago in US News & World Report…and it made me think (which should always then lead to some kind of action!):

What difference is your life–my life–going to make?
We get about 500,000 total hours in our earthly lives if we live to be 75 years old, and some of us have lived almost 100,000-200,000 hours of that amount already.
What difference will your life make?
What effect will you have on others–especially those who you see on a daily basis?
What effect will you have on the world?
Will anyone miss you when you’re gone from this earth?
Will anyone notice that you’re gone?
Are you going to be like most people who live to collect as much stuff as they can, as much popularity as they can, have the cutest or prettiest girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife someday, have the biggest house, coolest car, most accomplishments?
What–or who–will you glue yourself too? Stuff (Him) that (Who) lasts forever (Jesus); or stuff that will eventually rust and be destroyed?

My simple hope for my own legacy is:
that everyone who knew me, met me, and heard of me would say two things at the end of my earthly life:

A. We could tell by what SoulSpartan believes and how he lived that he loves Jesus, and
B. We can tell by what SoulSpartan believes and how he lived that Jesus loves us.

So what imprint do you want to leave behind when your earthly term is finished?
What echoes will reverberate from your life once you have left earth?
Your legacy starts now–the impact you will make on this world starts RIGHT NOW, my friends, not when you’re older, not when you get to high school, not when you get your driver’s license, graduate college, get married, have kids, earn your first million dollars, but right now (please remember, champions are not made on the field–that’s just where they’re revealed. Champions are made during practice, in training, during the pre-season).
Like Abel–whose “faith still speaks”–we can leave a legacy tomorrow by putting our Jesus-faith into practice now in words and actions of love (Hebrews 11:4).

Challenge: Will you leave a legacy for Jesus? Will you smell like Jesus? Will people be able to tell that you love Jesus by the way you live inside and outside of the walls of this church? You might not control the size of your feet, but you do control the imprint they leave behind you…

Acts 4:11 NLT:
“The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John,
for they could see that they were ordinary men
with no special training in the Scriptures.
They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.

May others recognize the same about us…

Please click HERE for a fantastic song about leaving a legacy.