Deliberate Days Between The Fall and Spring…

Hammock (12-19-12)

Greetings My Friends~
Just want to share with you a poem I wrote about the powerfully nostalgic memories I have of lazy summer days during my childhood—I pray it is a blessing to you and helps you, as it does me, to yearn to be in heaven with God forever:
Deliberate days between the fall and spring,
When windy breezes halt to rest and sing
And Father Time is granted a sojourn,
For lemonaid and naps our hearts now yearn

Simplicity steps forth to center stage,
While complications lie within their cage;
As crickets drone and peckers tap the wood,
A tree gives shade and fin’lly life is good
With swollen hearts and Love upon thy tongue
And windchimes mingle from the posts there hung;
Fresh watermelon drips down through thy grip-
If you’re an iceberg beauty caps thy tip
Like buttered corn betwixt thy teeth at noon,
I’ll wrap myself within thy smile soon
For further reading please see 1 Corinthians 2:9 or click the following link: