Servanthood Vs. Leadership…

Jesus Carrying Cross II (4-13-11)

I just read a POWERFUL little article that has turned my world upside-down.

Please click HERE if you have five minutes to invest to read it.        

This article helped me realize that in all my striving to be a leader over the last ten years, what I really want is to:

1. be important to others
2. be famous
3. be well-regarded
4. be highly respected
5. turn heads/attract attention when I walk into a room (heck, even when I walk in the grocery store. How sad)
6. be sought out
7. have people care about my opinion on just about any subject matter

Over the past decade I often haven’t been wanting to lead others as much as I have wanted others to FOLLOW ME. Huge difference.

I have lusted over:

1. Getting published
2. Getting more speaking engagements/teaching opportunities
3. Getting promoted to a more prominent church position
4. Making a greater impact on a greater stage in life|

…and all of the above I have wanted FOR GOD, of course.

I love the following line in the Mercy Me song “In the Blink of An Eye”:

“Sometimes I feel disappointed
By the way I spend my time
How can I further Your Kingdom
When I’m so wrapped up in mine?”

“We Western, American, 21st century Christ-ones have to get to the point where we are content with NOT:

1. becoming a house-hold name
2. making a “splash” in the Christian world (the fact that there is a distinct Christian subculture in America–and Christian “celebrities” within it–makes me nauseous. Seriously. What do our brothers and sisters around the world suffering in oppression think of us chasing such carrots? WHat would the original twelve disciples think of us? What does Jesus think of us…)
3. getting noticed
4. getting promoted
5. being sought out
6. having more followers (whether on Facebook, Twitter, or IN THE PEWS)
7. attracting more attention
8. climbing the pastoral ladder”

Interestingly enough, the thing many Christians (myself included) wish to hear when they meet Jesus is

“Well done, good and faithful SERVANT”…

Notice He doesn’t say “good and faithful LEADER”…

Jesus calls us to be servants if we truly wish to be great…

…please pray for me to truly become great; 

to be a servant of God and of humanity, starting with those within arms reach: spouse, children, family, geographical neighbors, and the “extra grace required” folks at my local church.

Lead us there, Holy Spirit.