What Is Success and Some Habits That Lead To It?


A friend of mine who is in high school recently asked me to share with her my definitions of success and also some of the personal habits that I think will lead to success. Here’s my brief response–I pray it is a blessing to you.

A. Success = learning to love Jesus with all of my thoughts, words, and actions everyday and learning to treat/love others the way I treat/love myself every day.

B. Success = trying your best in everything, never quitting, and finding the positive in every situation.

C. Success = leaving people, animals, and the world in better condition than you found them.

Important habits that likely lead to success:

1. going to sleep at a wise hour and waking up having gotten appropriate rest;

2. eating healthy foods (e.g. Fruits and veggies);

3. developing a couple of friendships where each of you is actively working to bless/encourage/support each other on a regular basis;

4. not watching too much t.v.;

5. reading great books/biographies of people who endured hard times and continued to trust in Jesus;

 6. taking some time to be quiet each week (no electronics!) with God in a reflective and thankful manner;

7. working/studying/serving hard and never quitting;

8. looking for ways to improve/be helpful (instead of waiting for others to ask you to help or waiting for others to improve a situation);

9. learning to make Jesus your best friend (and treating Him like it each day!);

10. being connected weekly (worshiping with and serving at) with a healthy/bible-believing local church;

11. learning to surrender your entire life (sins, mistakes, dreams, goals, fears, etc.) to Jesus. 🙂


Your Friend