(Hopefully) Comforting Thoughts In the Face of Death…


Officiated the interment ceremony of a dear saint recently, a beloved 88 year old prayer warrior who endured the death of both her husbands and almost single-handedly raised her five children.

As I have wrestled with the inevitability of death over the years, I have been comforted by the following:

1. Remembering over and over that even Jesus went through physical death, so He knows exactly how to comfort me when I am worried about it;


2. Thinking about the kind of legacy I want to leave behind for others when I am gone, and getting busy accomplishing that vision now;


3. Remembering Jesus’ words that for those who have trusted in Him for forgiveness and eternal life, the death of our earthly body is like a redwood tree seed breaking forth from its shell; only when it breaks free from its casing can it become the glorious creation God intended it to be;


4. Consistently asking God to help me “end well” whenever my earthly life concludes, to not go through that door kicking and screaming but to run across the threshold into His arms.


What comforts you when you are confronted with death?