Monthly Archive: June, 2012

Sonnet: “If Oft Thee Place Thy Efforts On The Block”

If oft thee place thy efforts on the block And stretch thy limbs so as to offer more Thy strain’ed sweat shall sweeten soured stock Though gained investitures now drip and pour If… Continue reading

Sonnet: “The Brightest Glowing Apples Easily Bruise”

  The brightest glowing apples eas’ly bruise So too shall nectars sweetest swiftly sour As well those champi’ns crowned in layers lose And Heaven’s roses wither by the hour If left exposed to… Continue reading

Sonnet: “Who Is The One Towards Whom Desire Flows?”

Who is the One towards Whom desire flows? For much I’ve drunk and still my thirst exists; The more I eat the more my hunger grows, Though who I am of what I… Continue reading

Can We Trust The Bible?…

  What are some reasons for trusting that the Bible is true, that it is in fact the Word of God? Best selling book of all time for nearly 600 years. Actually claims… Continue reading

God’s Resume…

God’s Resume, God’s Credentials “‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; May the name of the LORD be praised.’… Continue reading

Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time…

Introduction  You know, it is a bit surreal to be here this morning. A little over eleven years ago, in this very room and on this very spot where I am standing now,… Continue reading

Thankful: God’s Extraordinary Blessings In An Ordinary Life…

I am thankful… for the extra flavor ice cold milk releases in cereal. for a quiet house after a wonderful day of lively noise with my five boisterous children. for the rhythmically soft… Continue reading

Maybe We’re Just Not Paying Attention…

  I am constantly trying to understand the obstacles and roadblocks that keep people from entrusting their earthly and eternal lives to Jesus so that I can meet them at those roadblocks and… Continue reading

Is God Happy?

1. Is God happy?   Great question! Here are some thoughts on this:   Yes!   A. Matthew 25:23 NIV: “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful… Continue reading

Knowing Yourself (Part IV of IV): Potential…

Knowing Yourself:   Your Identity, Value, Purpose, & Potential     Lesson IV: Potential    Rhetorical Questions: What is your potential? What can you become? What did God create you to be? If… Continue reading