Sonnet: “Oh Needest I, Dear LORD, Thy Spirit Now”

Oh needest I, dear LORD, Thy Spirit now
For though I sweat I fear high-noon hath passed
And though at such an hour I man Thy plow
O’erhead Thy rainbowed hues man’s dye hath cast

And calloused hands, so long downturned t’wards earth
Press on, though at this moment lift Thy sky
And as earthly contractions precede birth
Thy flock withstands Thy painful coming nigh

So help me faithful LORD remain to Thee
For all around our shell be crumbling still
And though we long have feared what now we see
We praise Yahweh’s completion of His will

Thus as Thy Word rebukes sin’s deathly scorn
Thy rainbowed hues reflect our lives reborn