Characteristics Of A Real Man…

What’s Happenin’ My Friends!?


Recently I was offered the honor of sharing with you all some of my thoughts on what it means to be a real man. I quickly and gladly accepted such a charge!


Furthermore, I am so excited about who you all have been becoming over the years of your life, and I am even more expectant over who you will become over your earthly life…God has great plans in store for you, a great adventure, a “Mission Possible” (should you choose to accept it! J Jeremiah 29:11-14a).


So, here are my thoughts, based on living a short thirty-two years on this earth, of what a real man is.


A real man is someone who:


1. Acts (isn’t passive)


2. Leads (sets the example for others)


3. Continues On (doesn’t give up, finishes what he has started, perseveres)


4. Sacrifices (lives for God & others, not himself)


5. Trusts God (even when times are tough)


6. Protects Others (sticks up for those who are being mistreated/oppressed, no matter what!)


7. Takes Responsibility (doesn’t blame others, but admits when he is wrong, accepts the consequences, apologizes, and then moves on, learning from the mistake/sin and trusting that Jesus’ death on the cross and return to life is truly enough to forgive that sin)


8. Forgives (always, even if the person doesn’t apologize/”deserve” to be forgiven)


9. Is A Real Stud (2 x 4 plank of wood).


A wood beam—otherwise known as a stud—has an important job: it supports the roof of a house or structure so that the family inside can be safe, dry, and warm from the harsh weather outside. It also stays put—it doesn’t support one day and then run off the next. If it did, the roof would collapse and seriously injure the family, leaving them cold, wet, miserable, and exposed to the elements. Studs are also strong—they support a lot of weight. Roofs are heavy, but studs are made to hold up the heaviness—they’re not flimsy. God made men to be studs (like a 2 x 4, not like a stallion that lives only for one reason—to procreate). God made men to be studs: supporting, strong, securing (protecting), and staying put.


10. Loves Jesus. ‘Nuff said.


I hope that is encouraging and helpful and clear to you, my friend. You can become, were made to become, and are becoming a real man—isn’t it great!? Even though it is oftentimes difficult, filled with danger, painful, and overwhelming at times, it is amazing to become a real man, and you can do it (with Jesus’ help)! Just stick close to Jesus, seek after Him with all your heart, follow Him wherever He leads, and hold on to Him with every ounce of strength in your mind, heart, body, and soul—He’ll make sure you become a real man!


You are loved by God, and you are all of those things above and more if you trust yourself to Jesus. As I said, I am excited about the man you have become over the last few years, and I am even more excited about the man you will become throughout your remaining time on earth. You are NOT alone—God is with you, your parents and family are with you, and all those who care about you at your local church are with you as well…a great adventure indeed!


Your Friend~


Please listen to the song “Measure of A Man” by 4Him (Please click HERE).