So What Does A Youth Pastor DO Anyways?…


This is arguably the most difficult question I get asked:


“So what exactly do you do during the week?”


I’m usually stumped when I hear that (and the person usually asks it with a grin and wink, as if they are in on some secret that I really just watch YouTube videos and play basketball in my office all day), the same way it can be difficult when you’re asked to “say something” in another language (even if you’ve been studying that language for four years!). And it really looks bad when you get asked that question by a student or parent and you can’t seem to think of ANYTHING…


So here’s a rough list of what I do during the week (please notice that dodgeball isn’t anywhere to be found!):


1. Teaching the Bible

2. Writing Lessons/Sermons/Devotionals and Other Mini Articles on the Christian Life

3. Leading Sunday Morning Services (essentially emceeing or hosting)

4. Planning the Sunday Morning Services (songs, lesson, setting up chairs, getting any funny/silly portions set up, organizing/cleaning B201, setting up the room with fun games for students to get involved in, etc.)

5. Answering Emails, Phone Calls, & Walk-In Visits from Parents, Students, and Visitors

6. Planning and Leading Fun Events (e.g. paintballing, mini golfing, etc.)

7. Planning and Leading Retreats and a Week-long Mission Trip Each Year

8. Designing Informative Emails to Parents Connecting W/Their Children, How to Be a Better Parent, Etc.

9. Managing the Middle School Budget (e.g. figuring out how to write off my Corvette as a “ministry expense”! 8-D)

10. Participating in Staff/Team Meetings During the Week

11. Communicating with Parents and Students About Upcoming Events Via Email, Text, Facebook, & Twitter

12. Prayer

13. Bible Reading

14. Overseeing/Managing/Encouraging/Equipping the Middle School Leaders

15. Hanging Out with Students Outisde of Church

16. Preaching/Teaching in the Adult Services WHen Asked

17. Overseeing the Middle School Worship Band

18. Balancing Work Time and Family Life

19. Designing Monthly Service Projects for Middle Schoolers

20. Delegating Work to Other Qualified Staff Members/Leaders

21. Officiating Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms

22. Teaching at Other Churches, Christian Schools, and/or Youth Groups

23. Completing (next May, I promise, Sarah!) an M.A. in Spiritual Formation at the Moody Bible Institute

24. Designing the Lay-Out/Interior Decor of the Middle School Youth Room

25. Mentoring Students One-on-One Through Bible Studies

26. Anything Else Around the Church That Needs Help!!!


What a great job God has blessed me with…so anyone up for some dodgeball? (I’ve got nothin’ else going on 8-D)