The Ramblings of the Risen…


One morn a desp’rate man beside me sat

A chiseled man whose leaves their colors turned

He questioned if I knew and doffed his hat

And sought to teach me all that he had learned


This man was bundled as a package sent

Though “to and from” be clear as gilded gold

He climbed my stare and stumbled as he went

Unwrapping in acceptance of the cold


And as he sat he spat a single word

Which unbeknownst to me would quake the earth

His whisper floated as a humming bird

T’wards “destiny” my spirit sought its worth


So now he questioned tersely “Dost thou know?”

And braced my elbow with a shaky grip

My fix’ed stare sought not a need to go

Already though he’d cast me on my trip


Now I was drawn into this cur’ious soul

Who urgently inquired of me thrice

“Young trav’ller, dost thou know thy final goal?—

Thy destiny for which was paid a price?”


I sat in outward silence though within

My soul erupted forth with waves of life

For years (a score) I’d chained that passioned din

The next of kin to born’ed thorns of stryfe


Now thickened skies a spell had cast o’er we

With chilling tides a cresting on our flesh

Such symbols skinned my soul initially

And wondered I if ever life was fresh


Now fin’lly I responded to his bait

And summoned courage forth to journey more

I answered with a question ‘garding Fate

And hoped I’d live to see a second score


“My final goal?” I sputtered absently

For endings were as far as ‘morrows bed

I never focused on the distant sea

For undertoes my eyes had filled with lead


“I’d always thought mine toils earn’ed wealth”

I stated as he waited for a creed

Continued he, “Such moneys debt thy health,

For nothing gained may purchase what thy need”


“And what may be this ‘need’ I cannot earn?”

I peppered as I slowly mustered fi’re

“That which thy ‘need’ is spawned from what thy learn

He countered as his voice began to tire


Continued I, yet cautiously I stepped

“Please teach me, of this ‘need’ I seek to know”

And as he spoke mine heart an ocean leapt

“Just follow me, my son, and this I’ll show”


I cannot aptly ‘scribe what next occurred

For in his sunken face his eyes did rise

“Grant glory to and heed my tortured Word”

And with his touch he fueled my joyful cries


T’was at this point the sun did reach its peak

Though unconcerned was I with blist’ring heat

Mine muscles melted as if rendered weak

And found myself at level with his feet


And as I lay upon the ashen earth

As low a depth as ever man had crawled

I learned upon the base my scale of worth

And sought potential peaks as Fate be called