I’m Getting Older, But I’m Not Getting Old…


I still like…


-meeting new people & acting/hanging out/playing as if we’ve known each other for years

-trying to predict which rain drop will get to the bottom of a window first

-smiling at strangers in public (i.e. friends I haven’t met yet)

-playing w/my G.I. Joe/Transformers action figures

-cannon-balling into a swimming pool

-getting a sticker after a vaccination

-playing catch w/a ball & a friend

-hot dogs cut up into little pieces

-getting a lollipop after a haircut

-sleeping with a stuffed animal

-having my back scratched

-straws with flexy necks

-sprinkles on ice cream

-sitting on the floor

-wearing pajamas

-catching fireflies

-coloring w/crayons

-staying up past my bedtime

-staying in my pajamas all day

-eating breakfast foods for dinner

-having books read out loud to me

-taking naps in the middle of the day

-roasting marshmallows over a bonfire/firepit

-having a puppy lick my face and jump/climb all over me

-having to finish all my vegetables/dinner first so that I can get dessert

-running on the driveway to get the newspaper in my socks even tho that puts holes in them


I still get excited about…


-getting a large popcorn and soda at a movie theater even though I just had dinner

-being handed the dessert menu at a restaurant after dinner

-watching people open up a present that I’ve gotten them

-going to a movie theater on opening night

-the sound of a soda can opening

-flying on an airplane

-Christmas morning

-my birthday

-riding on rollercoasters

-Happy Meals at McDonald’s

-the smell of Thanksgiving dinner

-the smell of McDonald’s french fries

-the toy/prize at the bottom of a cereal box

-drinking the milk at the bottom of a bowl of CInnamon Toast Crunch cereal

-Team Scoopie meals at Culver’s because you get a free scoop of custard at the end

-The Truth that even as Jesus matures me He still wants me to trust Him like a child (Luke 18:15-17)


What about you?


Are you getting older…


…or are you getting old?