Final Lesson…

Final Lesson:

What I Would Tell You

If This Were My Last Moment on Earth

So there is this God, this Person who has always existed, Who made everything in the universe, including the universe itself.

This God is amazing—He is every adjective you could ever think of:

Awesome, beautiful, powerful, kind, generous, strong, loving, forgiving, patient, wise, merciful, optimistic, encouraging, trustworthy, fantastic, holy, good, silly, honest, great, and phenomenal.

1.         You are loved…greatly and unconditionally, more than you know, no matter what you do.

2.         You are strong…and capable of great miracles of love, mercy, and power.

3.         You are valuable…priceless and cherished, a masterpiece of the Lord Jesus Christ.

4.         You are original…there is no one exactly like you, and there never will be.

5.         You are beautiful…made in the image of Jesus Himself, and nothing can change that!

6.         You are useful…given many gifts and talents by God the Holy Spirit.

7.         You are important…so much so that God would allow you to work with Him.

8.         You are free…to know God, love God, enjoy God; to become who He made you to be!

9.         You are brave…and you do not have to fear anyone or anything, for Jesus is with you.

10.       You are safe…for Jesus promises to always be with you, to never leave or abandon you.

A. Love Is A Choice, Not A Feeling

B. “There Are Many Things In Life That Will Capture Your Eye,

    But Few Things That Will Capture Your Heart…Pursue Those”;

    I.E., Base Your Choices on the Truth, Not On Your Feelings

C. Be A Thermostat, Not a Thermometer (change the climate around you, don’t be changed by it)

D. This World Is Not All There Is! (Live FOR Heaven, Live ON Earth)

E. God Is Less Angry Than You Think,

    More Involved In Your Life Than You Know,

    More Powerful Than Your Fears,

    Cooler Than You Can Imagine, and

    More Loving Than You Can Understand

F. Jesus IS Coming Back…Soon! (Fo sho!)

G. Choose To Say “YES!” To Jesus–It Is The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make!